A new metering system is available from this company. The hydraulic fixed ratio (HFR™) metering system reportedly can improve throughput and reduce waste and rework in adhesive and sealant dispense applications. The systems can be used in a range of industries, including insulated glass, medical technology, transportation, and composites.

The meter, mix and dispense system reportedly is capable of processing multiple sealant and adhesive materials. The metering system achieves accurate ratios and volumes. As the system dispenses material, it can reportedly automatically fine tune and adjust material flows and pressures to achieve a consistent bead. As a result, users waste less material, reducing rework time and material costs. The system’s horizontal pumps can be rebuilt directly at customers’ facilities, eliminating rebuilds and the need for backup pumps, resulting in less downtime, reduced maintenance costs, and a smaller parts inventory, leading to a lower total cost of ownership.

The system reportedly features intuitive controls that allow users to program up to 100 different shot sizes and to configure temperature control. The system also reportedly gives users immediate access to data about material usage, pump cycles, and errors. The system’s USB drive allows users to download process data and error logs for further analysis, contributing to increased efficiency and, therefore, throughput.

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