One of three Airbus A350-1000 flight-test aircrafts has been painted in the Airbus livery with a selectively strippable system by PPG that reportedly shortens repaint cycle time using Desothane® HD 9008 basecoat-clearcoat for high-intensity, long-lasting color. A PPG low-density fuel tank and fuselage sealant reportedly provides the three flight-test aircrafts with weight savings compared with traditional sealants and will be used on production A350-1000 airplanes to benefit operators.

For the selectively strippable system, chrome-free Desoprime HS 7049 primer was applied over the existing base primer and F565 intermediate coating added over it, and then the aircraft was painted with Desothane color basecoat and clearcoat. When it is time for repainting, only the intermediate coating, basecoat and clearcoat will reportedly need to be removed for new applications, leaving Desoprime primer and the underlying base primer intact, reducing aircraft downtime by approximately 30-40%.

“PPG is proud that Airbus has chosen advanced PPG paint systems for an aircraft that launches the new A350-1000,” said Daniel Bencun, PPG aerospace coatings segment manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. “Airlines can see the superior aesthetics provided by the PPG basecoat-clearcoat topcoat system and can specify it for their aircraft. They also can select the PPG selectively strippable system to benefit from its cycle time reduction when repainting is needed.”

PR-1782 low-density aircraft fuel tank and fuselage sealant by PPG reportedly offers as much as a 30% weight saving by volume over traditional sealants used for those applications, affording enhanced aircraft fuel economy. It is qualified by Airbus for all of the aircraft manufacturer’s airframes.

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