Lintec Corp. recently announced it has been in discussion with Evergreen Holdings IV LLC, a wholly owning investor of MACtac Americas Holdings LLC, regarding the acquisition of all the membership interests of MACtac Americas LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of MACtac Americas Holdings LLC.

Lintec’s board of directors has reportedly resolved to acquire all membership interests of MACtac through its U.S. wholly owned holding company, Lintec USA Holding Inc., and concluded a purchase agreement with Evergreen. Lintec completed procedures for the acquisition on December 1

As part of the transaction, MACtac will reportedly maintain its manufacturing bases in the U.S. and Mexico, and continue to develop adhesive papers and films for printing, mainly in North America.

Lintec reports it is convinced that full-scale entry into the North American market for adhesive papers and films for printing and development of its original products using its own capabilities through MACtac will contribute significantly to the acceleration of the global development of Printing and Variable Information Products Operations, the core business of the group. In addition, Lintec plans to link MACtac’s acquisition to business enhancement and expansion in both the North American and Japanese markets, as well as other regions.

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