This company offers a new bulk material handling system. The system is reportedly fully automated, self-contained, and completely manages material from the introduction stage, through discharge and conditioning, to downstream supply of finished material into manufacturing operations. Human interaction is limited to container loading and removal.

The lift-and-seal carriage receives each 1,450-lb container and aligns and seals it to the stainless steel discharge hood using an automatic centering system. The 2,000-lb capacity lift carriage can raise and rotate the container 180°, ensuring complete material discharge. The 100 ft3 capacity, stainless steel receiving hopper with integrated agitator pre-conditions the material. A 9-inch diameter auger feeds pre-conditioned material to a high-capacity, dual-shaft size reduction crumbler for final conditioning of the material prior to pneumatic conveying to downstream process operations. High capacity, chain drive, live roller conveyors and 90° rotation turntables reportedly provide container indexing and accumulation. Electrogalvanized, zinc-coated, carbon steel conveyor rollers provide corrosion resistance and extended duty cycles in the harsh environment.

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