New weighing platforms are available from this company. PBK9 bench and PFK9 floor weighing platforms have reportedly been helping manufacturers manage raw materials, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve product quality in a variety of industrial applications. Now, PBK9 and PFK9 platforms can be integrated into industrial applications in hazardous areas.

Both PBK9 and PFK9—each with a resolution of up to 750,000 divisions—are now approved for use in Zone 1/21 and Division 2 areas, as well as Zone 2/22 and Division 1 areas. With their high readability, these platforms are suitable for industrial weighing process where tolerances need to be minimized.

The platforms use Monobloc load-cell technology and have advanced platform construction. PBK9 bench platforms are available in capacities from 0.6-300 kg, and PFK9 floor platforms are available in capacities from 300-3,000 kg. The PBK9 platforms are also offered with pneumatic spring-loaded plates. All platforms are available in stainless steel with an ingress protection rating of IP66/IP68.

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