Two new adhesives with low halogen content are available from this company. Formulated specifically for the consumer and general electronics industry, Vitralit® UD 8050 and Structalit® 8838 reportedly provide encapsulation of electronic components on PCBs and allow better flow control and dispensing on individual components due to their intrinsic viscosity.

Vitralit is an acrylic-based one-component adhesive with easy dispensing and rapid curing, which is suited to the consumer electronics sector where a high throughput can be necessary. When exposed to UV light, the adhesive reportedly cures within seconds. Being dual UV and moisture curing, the adhesive will also fully cure in shadowed areas not reached by the UV light. For enhanced process control, a version with fluorescent marker is also available.

Structalit 8838 is a black epoxy-based one-component adhesive. Its key characteristics are a low glass-transition temperature, flexibility, and fast thermal curing. Temperature and moisture tests have reportedly shown that the adhesive does not impair the properties of individual components.

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