RPM International Inc. recently announced that it has acquired Prime Resins to be part of its USL Group. Prime Resins is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and equipment for infrastructure construction and repair with annual net sales of approximately $7 million.

Prime Resins’ product line reportedly includes a range of polyurethane and epoxy grouts, foams, adhesives and coatings. Product applications include highways, roads, bridges, airport runways, sewage systems and retaining walls.

“Prime Resins will operate within our USL Group of companies and will continue to be led by its founder and president, David Barton,” said Frank C. Sullivan, chairman and CEO. “We intend to drive its top-line growth by leveraging the Prime Resins sales force to bring more of USL’s differentiated product technologies to the U.S. infrastructure market. At the same time, we will improve its bottom line through access to RPM’s raw materials purchasing network.”

For more information, visit www.rpminc.com or www.primeresins.com.