A new automatic case packer is available from this company. The XpressPack automatic case packer reportedly is designed to run high volumes of medium-to-large sized cartons in a single-layer, single-row configuration. The packer’s high speed operation handles up to 8-10 cases per cycle. It can work well with standard 5-panel folded carton, glue-end styles. Designed for simple setup and changeovers, the XpressPack reportedly can accommodate carton sizes ranging from 8-in.-by-8-in. through 24-in.-by-28-in. Special machines for other sizes may be custom engineered.

Depending upon customer needs, the pusher setup can be ordered with left-side push, right-side push, end-seam push, or a combination of packing modes. For completely automated applications, the XpressPack can be used with a case positioner and a corrugated case erector that automatically places pre-erected corrugated cases in a packer.

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