This company now offers Braille capabilities, using either the TaskMaster™ infeed system or with a standalone unit that can be integrated into nearly any folder gluer. The Braille offerings are an option for meeting European pharmaceutical industry packaging regulations requiring Braille embossing to identify package contents.

Using the TaskMaster infeed system with Braille module, cartons are fed, aligned, embossed, and transferred to the folder gluer all in one operation―at up to 1,000-ft/min. Reportedly, this space saving unit can either run offline or be put directly in front of an existing folder gluer, decreasing labor and setup.

The Braille plate-making kit is a completely integrated, free-standing plate-making station with a roll around design that reportedly makes it portable. New plates take approximately three minutes to make. The lockable cabinet design can keep pre-approved set-ups under complete control and stores all plate-making components.

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