Siegwerk recently announced it has added a Labo Combi 400 laminator to its technical center for the flexible packaging business unit. The new machine reportedly adds laminating capabilities to the existing testing skills at its European site and supports the targeted development of packaging inks under industrial or customer-realistic conditions.

This addition intends to enable Siegwerk to offer packaging print providers better solutions tailored to their specific requirements. The opportunity to simulate lamination processes under industrial or customer-realistic conditions reportedly enhances the company’s ability to troubleshoot issues before they arise during production.

“Internal resources for testing lamination processes and the influence of printing inks on the performance of laminates are highly important to us,” said Hanns Martin Kaiser, Ph.D., head of technology flexible packaging, EMEA. “It helps to enhance our ink solutions specifically for packaging print providers and to further reinforce our technology leadership. The new equipment enables us to conduct considerably more extensive ink development tests internally prior to the start of the qualification process at customers’ facilities. This leads to better ink performance and saves both our customers’ time and machine capacities.”

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