This company intends to exhibit its latest technologies for fluid dispensing, jetting, conformal coating, and hot bar soldering at IPC APEX, taking place February 14-16 in San Diego, Calif.

On display will be ASYMTEK’s Conexis and Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating systems. The systems reportedly feature one of the company’s newest developments, dual-simultaneous programmable pitch. Using this motorized bracket, two of the same applicators reportedly operate simultaneously to conformably coat two parts at the same time. The pitch is automatically repositioned to match the programmed pitch, increasing speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Coating process time can be reduced by 50%.

Booth visitors can also participate in a demonstration of ASYMTEK’s newest EasyCoat® 6 software and test its offline programming features and new user interface. Combined with dual-simultaneous programmable pitch, the process is automated, meaning operator dependency and set-up time can be eliminated.

For fluid dispensing and jetting solutions, the company reportedly will demonstrate its Quantum® and Spectrum II premier systems. Also on display will be the IntelliJet® jetting system, a jet valve for achieving small volume fluid dots at high frequency in long-term production.

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