Wacker and Brazilian silicone compounder STC Silicones have concluded an agreement on the co-branding of ready-to-use silicone compounds. Under its terms, STC is allowed to promote silicone compounds made from Wacker raw materials with the quality seal “Based on ELASTOSIL®”.

Wacker has been supplying STC Silicones with high-quality silicone raw materials and additives since 2003. The family-owned business uses them to produce ready-to-process silicone compounds for the automotive, medical, electrical and household-product sectors.

“STC Silicones has been operating in the Brazilian market for over a decade and is now one of the country’s most successful compounders,” said Christian Gimber, vice president of the engineering silicones business unit.

For more information, visit www.stcsilicones.com.br or www.wacker.com.