The new light booth byko-spectra lite offers five light sources. In addition, a compact design reportedly builds the standard for critical visual evaluation in laboratory and production.

As colors appear differently under different light sources, defined lighting conditions and standardized color-neutral environment are allegedly important in order to optimize the visual evaluation. The light sources of byko-spectra lite for daylight, home light and department store light lets users remove the risk of metamerism. Viewing under ultraviolet light helps to detect and evaluate optical brighteners or fluorescent pigments. The byko-spectra lite with its certified consistency helps to evaluate according to all common standards, such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, SAE, and BSI, and obtain color assessment with confidence.

Reportedly, the daylight-based technology in BYK Garnder’s light booths can ensure consistent, accurate rendering of color with CIE rating of B/C based on CIE Publication 51.

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