The new CR300 cartridge retainer is reportedly fully compatible with 1/10-in gal cartridges and both plastic and metal caulking type cartridges (300/310 ml). It has been developed with a new seal design, intended for a better seal performance and durability by sealing directly onto the inside of the “inserted” cartridge.

The high-grade anodized alloy retainer and cap were designed to ensure a safe and comfortable dispensing pressure of up to 100 psi (6.9bar). With its tube design, this cartridge retainer reportedly reduces cartridge expansion while decreasing the risk of air ingression into the fluid, and is constructed with machined aluminum to ensure a long-lasting product. Equipped with a screw-on cap, the CR300 can be attached directly to a Fisnar air-powered dispenser, allowing cartridges to be used for timed and manual potting and beading dispensing.

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