Two newly developed precision tapered dispense tips can be used in medical devices and industrial electronics manufacture. The first of these tips is a standard 27 gauge, while the second is a 30-gauge tip with an internal diameter of 0.15mm. The 30-gauge tip is reportedly the first polymer taper dispense tip of this size to be available in the European market and is exclusive to Fisnar Europe.

In the dispensing market, products are increasingly becoming smaller, thus creating a need for small deposit sizes. While the use of smaller sized needles is on the rise, users are reportedly finding that conventional, similar-sized straight blunt-end tips generate high levels of fluid back pressure, creating an extended dispense time and the risk of inconsistent dispensing volumes due to fluid drooling. The new luer lock tapered dispense tips from this company were designed to address this issue and have reportedly proven to reduce dispensing time, fluid drooling and back pressure. Furthermore, the tips can enable more consistent dispense results by allowing the user to apply and dispense in smaller volume and deposit sizes.

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