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Also in this issue, we take a look at a new latex that has been introduced for high-performance caulks and sealants. Caulking sealants on the market today are typically formulated with a supplementary external plasticizer; this new technology offers excellent exterior durability and adhesion without plasticizer. Find out more on p. 18.

The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council recently held its annual Tape Summit—the 40th such event—in Las Vegas. A main goal of the event is to provide attendees with information related to the building and construction industry, as the research conveyed that this as a high growth area for PSA tape. “As we analyze how tape is perceived in a wide range of industries, the Tape Summit is growing into an ideal venue to share information and knowledge about tape use in these industries,” said Michel Merkx, PSTC president. Turn to p. 22 to read more.

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