Nagase America recently announced that it has acquired U.S.-based specialty chemicals distributor Fitz Chem Corp. This acquisition advances the strategy of the Nagase Group for growth in the specialty chemicals market in the U.S. Fitz Chem, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nagase America, will continue to conduct business as Fitz Chem LLC.

“This acquisition allows Nagase to combine its technical expertise and existing supplier and customer relationships with those of Fitz Chem, creating opportunities for sustained growth in the U.S. market,” said Bradley Hilborn, director of sales and marketing at Nagase America. “Both organizations are committed to helping suppliers and customers exceed their goals.” 

“Continuity was extremely important to our Fitz Chem management team,” said Robert Becker, chairman of Fitz Chem. “We wanted a long-term partner that focused on providing growth opportunities for our employees, one that would not create any conflicts for our suppliers, and lastly one that would provide additional resources to assist our customers in growing their businesses. In teaming with Nagase, we strongly believe we will be able to achieve these objectives.”

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