Rassmann GmbH recently announced it has acquired 100% of the shares in Melrob Group Holdings Ltd. of Crawley, UK. The acquisition reportedly includes all of Melrob’s subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain and the U.S.
“Acquiring Melrob not only represents the wide-reaching and strategic expansion of Nordmann, Rassmann’s current activities in Europe, but also a decisive step towards growing our business in both the Asia-Pacific region and North America,” said Gerd Bergmann, Ph.D., managing director.
Japan reportedly holds a special position in Nordmann, Rassmann’s newly expanded geographic presence, as the company has had very successful partnerships with well-known suppliers there for decades now. “We are especially excited to be acquiring our own subsidiary in the Japanese market and thereby be able to take advantage of new business contacts and opportunities,” said Bergmann. “On the one hand, this acquisition is the result of our continued pursuit of Nordmann, Rassmann’s growth strategy. On the other, and through our now complete European and global presence―which gives the whole NRC Group a markedly higher level of visibility on the international market―we’re reaching yet another one of our strategic goals.”
Through the takeover, Nordmann, Rassmann will reportedly be acquiring new and important points of access to the markets for industrial chemicals as well as monomers.

For more information, visit www.nordmann-rassmann.com/en/home.html or www.melrob.com.