Global consumption of the five leading additives―dispersants, rheology modifiers, foam control, slip/rub and wetting agents―in coatings and inks in 2017 is a projected 2.7 billion lbs., worth over $5 billion, according to “Global Coating & Ink Additives, 2017-2022,” a recent report from Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney.

The estimated 95 billion lbs. of coating produced worldwide in 2017 will reportedly consume 92% of the additive volume and the 8.4 billion lbs. of ink the remainder.  Each additive is typically incorporated at about a percent or less of a formulation but can improve the stability, application, appearance, and/or performance properties.

Rheology modifiers are the leading additive type, with 38% of the volume and 36% of the dollar value.  Dispersants are next in size with one-fifth of the pounds and 18% of the dollars, and foam control additives are third with 17% of the volume.

Slip/rub materials are reportedly 12% of the volume and 15% of the value with silicone and wax products employed, and wetting agents are 12% of the volume and 13% of the value.

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