Technical experts from several Dow businesses planned to present how their technologies are helping customers expand the boundaries of coatings’ performance characteristics, application properties, and the markets they can serve at the American Coatings Show, which took place April 12-14, in Indianapolis, Ind. Attendees will also learn about architectural paint 2016 market research findings from the Paint Quality Institute (PQI).

Several new low-VOC and solvent- and surfactant-free rheology modifiers will launch at the show, including: ACRYSOL™ RM-1600, ACRYSOL RM-3030 rheology modifiers, and ACRYSOL DR-180 rheology modifier. RM-1600 and RM-3030 reportedly are high-efficiency ICI builders that help to retain high shear thickness for improved film build and surface aesthetics while maintaining formulation versatility across a range of binder chemistries. DR-180 reportedly is a high-efficiency hydrophobically modified alkali soluble emulsion (HASE) offering a partial or complete replacement for hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) technology and coupling sag/flow balance with spray, roller and brush application properties for desired performance in contractor quality paints.

“We’ve built a legacy of innovative breakthroughs over the last six decades, including the industry-recognized first waterborne binder for house paint, RHOPLEX™ Binder Technology,” said Sylvia Insogna, North America marketing director, Dow Coating Materials. “We’re looking forward to demonstrating how our teams can help attendees meet and exceed their customers’ expectations today and in the future―from technology that holds up under harsher conditions to products that help them meet more significant demands from consumers, contractors and regulators without compromising performance.”

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