Nordson EFD recently announced that Plas-Pak Industries Inc. is part of its product family. The acquisition, which took place earlier this year, reportedly expands and diversifies Nordson EFD’s offering.

Since the acquisition announcement, a systematic integration plan has been implemented. The integration reportedly allows Nordson EFD to offer spray systems for two-part materials used in maintenance and repair applications, among several other products.

“For Plas-Pak customers the benefits include access to a greater number of 2K products, better support as they grow and their needs change, and improved global footprint and fulfillment,” said Brian Dodier, business unit director – consumables. “Nordson EFD customers will benefit from the expanded selection of products the integration brings, such as snap-together Ratio-Pak® cartridges.”

The integration reportedly provides access to a new, rapidly growing 1K animal health market. The company will now provide single-component Dial-A-Dose® calibrated syringes for veterinary and animal health applications.

In addition, Nordson EFD will leverage the 160,000 sq ft, ISO 9001:2008 facility located in Norwich, Conn., to accommodate future growth.

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