Jack Hunter, formerly of Bayer Chemicals and Polymers, has joined Plas-Pak Industries and will direct its newly patented Ratio-Pak HSS (High Solids Spray) Technology and Business. According to Charles Frey, Plas-Pak's Chief Operating Officer, Hunter's background and experience with Bayer and with sprayable polyurea and fast set polyurethane coatings and equipment was a perfect fit for the HSS business and its developing technology and customer base. The HSS system is a new low-cost, easy-to-use dual-component cartridge-based system that competes favorably with higher cost and difficult-to-maintain impingement type mix and spray equipment. The HSS system is ideal for lab testing and development, in field demos and touch ups, as well as in smaller projects where the more expensive impingement mixers are hard to justify.

For more information, call 860-889-3383, fax 860-889-2879 or e-mail plas.pak@snet.net.cfrey .