Artecola Química recently announced it has opened a new industrial operation in Colombia, reportedly the most modern one in Latin America. The plant supplies to the markets of Peru, Ecuador, Panamá, Bolívia, Caribe and Colombia, among other countries. With a total area of 28,000 sq m and a built-up area of 11,000 sq m, it is located inside the San Jorge Industrial Park, in Mosquera city. The new facility reportedly enables the company to improve 10% on its current market share, which represents 20% in Colombia and 7% on a regional level (from México to Brazil).

“Colombia offers an ideal geographical position to export. Also, the local production is necessary due to the country’s geography and demography, therefore the investment is justified,” said Eduardo Kunst, executive president. “Our strategy is based on this combination, having facilities that are as close as posible from our clients, and from those facilities reaching a universe of 20 countries in Latin America.”

The new plant reportedly reinforces the concepts of technology, sustainability, safety and client orientation, which are the strategic pillars of Artecola Química. The buildings follow bioclimatic criterias and high quality standards: 30% improvement on natural lighting and LED technology use, with substantial savings on energy use; almost 100% natural ventilation; on early stage, rainwater reuse for the fire extinguishing system and a 1,000 sq m reservoir.

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