NovaBond® paintable hybrid sealant is an expansion to this company’s line of adhesives and sealants. This newest hybrid sealant product can bond to a range of construction materials, including concrete, metals, vinyl, windows and door substrates. NovaBond is paintable for interior and exterior applications using a variety of water-based acrylic paints.

This paintable sealant is an all-weather hybrid sealant that reportedly offers superior adhesion and flexibility. NovaBond's proprietary formulation can allow the sealant to stay flexible with near zero shrinkage and fast skin-over curing performance. 

The sealant reportedly performs well in a range of temperatures from -30°-200°F, while maintaining joint movement capability of +/- 35%, making it a good selection for window and door fenestration and similar applications. The sealant is odor free, tack free in 15-25 min, and is completely cured and ready to be painted in two hours, depending on humidity and temperature.

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