This company plans to showcase its MIXPAC™ MixCoat™ cartridge-based systems at NACE Corrosion 2018, taking place April 15-19 in Phoenix. On display for the company will be three members of the MixCoat line: MIXPAC™ MixCoat spray for small volume applications, touch-up and repair; MIXPAC MixCoat manual 2-component dispenser for stripe coating and touch-up; and MIXPAC MixCoat Flex for difficult to access areas.

The MixCoat spray model being displayed is a portable pneumatic dispense system designed for small-volume applications, touch-up, and repairs. This system is lightweight and reportedly works well with challenging to apply 100% solid epoxies and fast-set polyurethanes and polyureas. It also works with new abrasion-resistant specialty coatings, including those with glass-flake additives.

The MIXPAC MixCoat Manual model is used for applying high-solids epoxies and touchup. MixCoat Manual does not require pre-mixing or metering of components. The cartridge-based system reportedly features excellent mixing performance and improved ratio control, without the need for mixing equipment. With this system, components are kept separate until forced through the static mixer.

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