This company recently introduced the Helios™ SD-960 Series automated dispensing system for medium- and bulk-volume deposits of single- and two-component materials in electronics manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly. The dispenser system can deposit volumes greater than 1cc, and line widths and dots that exceed 1mm, but it can deposit volumes down to 0.3cc and line widths as narrow as 0.3mm. The system reportedly supports abrasive thermal interface materials (TIM), silicones, epoxies, and grease for applications such as potting, sealing, gasketing, and structural adhesives.

The Helios system was reportedly made specifically to accommodate large parts and substrates. The frame is 200 mm taller and the robotics 150 mm higher for more overhead clearance than a standard dispensing platform. A bulk fluid hose enclosure can provide added vertical clearance for securely routing remote bulk-feed hoses and to accommodate larger valves and mixers. There are two conveyor options: standard chain or double-wide chain. A large purge container holds volumes up to 2-L. The automated dispenser system can also be equipped with Nordson ASYMTEK dispense valves or Nordson 1k- or 2k-metering systems.

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