This company has introduced two new high-elongation, high-flexibility, LED-curable adhesives specifically designed for use on flexible medical devices made of TPE and TPU, substrates that are increasingly specified by device manufacturers as well as plasticized PVC. With fixture times of one to three seconds using a LOCTITE® high-output LED curing system, AA3951TM and AA3953 TM can minimize curing delays and eliminate work-in-progress. These adhesives reportedly deliver elongations greater than 200% and bond strengths greater than 450 PSI on polycarbonate, acrylic, and hard-to-bond materials such as HDPE and LDPE.

As Loctite AA3951 and AA3953 fluoresce in both their uncured and cured states, adhesive detection for quality control can be done with the use of a black light or vision system. These flexible adhesives are designed for assembling a range of disposable medical devices including tube sets, IV sets, respiratory circuits, catheters, fluid containers, and certain reusable devices such as endoscopes. Both adhesives have been tested to Henkel’s protocols based upon ISO-10993 biocompatibility standards, with certificates available on request.

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