Thixbooster and Thixbreaker reportedly provide users with two new process additives that interact in synchronization. They form the basis for the BYK Viscosity Control Technology (VCT) that can create value-added potential for manufacturers of epoxy resin systems. This applies to the formulation itself, as well as to the production, transportation, and application of the coatings.

The additives reportedly influence the properties of hydrophilic fumed silica particles, and thus can help reduce or adapt the initial viscosity of high-viscosity two-component adhesives, sealing and putty materials, as well as protective coatings. Among other things, they are used in components of wind turbines or in rapid prototyping.

BYK-P 2710 (Thixbreaker) is designed for the epoxy resin and BYK-P 2720 (Thixbooster) for the corresponding amine hardener component. Due to the synchronized interaction, the two additives can enable the creation of the optimum application viscosity from two low-viscosity components.

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