I’m pleased to offer our second annual Equipment Handbook in this issue! This reference guide can help you source the perfect equipment and supplier partners for your needs all year long. Supplier* contact information is included in the Address Index on pp. 14-15. Beginning on p. 16, descriptive product overviews are provided for each type of equipment, followed by the names of suppliers that furnish the equipment. Equipment is listed alphabetically; an Equipment Index is also included on p. 25.

If you are an equipment supplier and would like to receive information on purchasing listings in next year’s Equipment Handbook, please contact Stacey Hurley, phone (248) 786-1662 or email hurleys@bnpmedia.com.

Standardizing manufacturing processes can go a long way toward increasing both efficiency and safety. Starting on p. 26, we examine how Stellar Industrial Supply, a 3M authorized distributor within 3M’s industrial and safety markets center, helped 3M to address a number of concerns around the glue stations within its production environment.

Electronics continues to be a growing industry for adhesives and sealants. The article “Enabling High-Tech Innovation with Electronic Adhesives” on pp. 30-33 looks at how adhesives are helping to overcome the challenges of modern-day electronic designs.

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