The board of directors of PVS Chemicals recently voted to make two leadership changes. Effective July 1, Jim M. Nicholson elevates from president and CEO of PVS Chemicals to co-chairman of the board. James B. Nicholson will continue in his role as co-chair. David A. Nicholson takes on the role of president and CEO of PVS Chemicals after serving as group CEO for PVS manufacturing assets.

During his 23-year tenure, Jim M. Nicholson reportedly presided over top- and bottom-line growth, a workforce increase of over 30%, and the largest acquisition (ISSI) in PVS Chemicals’ history.

David Nicholson joined PVS in June 1999 after beginning his career in banking and private equity. He oversaw the expansion of the PVS Minibulk distribution business from three Midwest markets to 12 markets nationally. He also restructured PVS European businesses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany before moving to the company’s corporate headquarters, where he leads the teams focusing on manufacturing as well as mergers and acquisitions. 

“I couldn’t be prouder of the success we’ve earned under Jim M. as president,” James B. Nicholson said. “I’m looking forward to sharing the chairman’s role with him, and we both have great expectations as David takes the reins as president and CEO.”

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