Hisco Inc. recently announced that Ed Snyder, Michael Brownlee and Gilberto Orozco were each named recipients of the Henkel 2018 Sales Pro of the Year award. The awards are reportedly given to sales representatives who demonstrate top sales growth for the Henkel industrial product line, establish strong partnerships and collaboration in the field, focus on key and emerging markets, and exhibit exceptional overall performance for the Henkel Industrial brand. Henkel received 80 nominations for the award across North America.

“Kudos to the team for leading this collaborative effort," said William Bland, senior vice president, sales, Hisco. “We’re thankful for their hard work and common vision; when we play as one, our success is multiplied.”

Henkel representative Dan Wieckowski nominated Ed Snyder. According to Wieckowski, “Snyder never fails to bring new opportunities to the table.”

Michael Brownlee, nominated by Henkel's Jacob Lord, is dedicated to mutual customer development. Lord said Brownlee is “a great asset to have on every joint sales call.”

Gilberto Orozco “does a great job of qualifying the opportunity,” says Henkel’s Leonardo Ternoir.

For more information, visit www.hisco.com or www.henkel.com.