Two new, proprietary innovations in of the company’s Kalama® VITROFLEX® range of plasticizers are now available. The new products are used in the “A” (polymer) side of two-part polysulphide sealants, providing formulators with high-performance, environmentally friendly alternatives to existing technologies.

VITROFLEX A90 and VITROFLEX A99 have reportedly been optimized to achieve excellent processing characteristics, pot life, development of mechanical properties and adhesion. They also exhibit low volatility. In addition to insulated glass, polysulphide sealants are used in applications such as construction joints and sealants, transportation fuel tanks, and secondary (spill) containment. In these applications, they reportedly outperform alternative chemistries and provide elasticity, adhesion and maintained sealing characteristics in demanding environmental conditions, including exposure to UV, petrochemicals, moisture, mechanical stresses and extreme temperatures.

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