Scapa Healthcare recently inaugurated its new built-for-purpose medical device manufacturing facility in Knox County, Tenn. The 152,000-sq-ft facility doubles Scapa Healthcare’s Knoxville footprint into a single site of operations, allowing for greater operational efficiency through proximity and scale. Scapa Healthcare reports that the new facility has already created employment opportunities in the region and is anticipated to add 100 new jobs in Knox County over the next five years. 

The new facility was reportedly strategically designed for efficient workflow and materials movement across the cleanroom, printing, packaging, and warehouse departments. The layout creates ample development space to accommodate increasing demand for medical device manufacturing. 

“The new manufacturing facility is our Turn-Key Center of Excellence for North America,” said Joe Doherty, president. “We have heavily invested in new capabilities to continue providing customers with innovative solutions. We are committed to the Knox County community as we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with global customers.”

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