Sulzer recently launched the COX™ ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra, a 2-component battery-powered dispenser for cartridges. According to Sulzer, the COX ElectraFlow Dual Ultra has been specifically designed for professional and specialist trade users across all industry sectors who demand a reliable and high-performance 2-component dispensing tool.

The fully integrated application system features cordless technology powered by 18-V lithium-ion batteries and chargers. ElectraFlow Dual Ultra utilizes CoolPack battery technology from Bosch Professional batteries; heat-dissipating housings reportedly improve product safety by preventing possible overheating, prolonging battery life and extending runtime.

Sulzer reports that the ElectraFlow Dual Ultra’s ergonomic design the provides the user with a well-balanced tool, while the interchangeable cartridge-holding straps and plungers allow for quick and easy configuration. The electronics and software technology gives users precise control over the output speed of the dispenser. Combined with intelligent force management, it reportedly ensures that users have complete control over any dispensing operation.

The ElectraFlow Dual Ultra is an extension to the COX range of dispensers. It offers compatibility with the MIXPAC™ application system, which includes various 2-component side-by-side cartridges and mixers for many of these applications. According to the company, customers benefit from its systems approach, which significantly reduces issues with dispenser-cartridge-mixer compatibility.

“The twin rack drive technology is a unique addition to the COX dispenser portfolio,” said Matt Lyndon, head of Engineering at Sulzer Mixpac (UK). “It offers a tool platform which provides the greatest flexibility in dispensing across a range of 2-component platforms, including high-viscosity materials. The tool combines precision with high-performance output to maximize productivity in demanding applications.”

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