Sulzer recently announced that it has launched a new adhesive and sealant dispenser powered by Bosch Professional’s 18-V lithium-ion batteries. The COX™ ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra 600-mL two-component cartridge cordless unit is reportedly ideal for operators using high volumes of sealant or two-part epoxy products. The Bosch battery prolongs usage time and adds convenience for users with compatible tools and chargers.

According to Sulzer, the ElectraFlow Dual Ultra 600 mL will mix two materials in a 1:1 ratio on a precise trigger-pull switch, designed to help end users extrude accurate amounts of adhesives and sealants for prolonged periods. It is compatible with the wide range of the MIXPAC™ application system, which covers various two-component side-by-side cartridges and mixers, including the ecopaCC™ system.

Sulzer reports that its twin-rack cordless drive technology effectively dispenses fluids from low to high viscosities while ensuring homogeneous mixing and equal dispensing ratios for the entire volume of both cartridges. The patent-pending cartridge locator feature works to locate and retain the cartridges in their correct position during operation, ensuring performance and reliability every time.

“Being able to partner with Bosch has meant that we can offer a fully integrated application system, featuring first-in-class cordless technology,” said Levi Quinn, general manager of Sulzer Mixpac (UK). “This gives our customers the performance and reliability they expect, with the flexibility afforded by the Bosch cordless technology platform.”

The Bosch Professional 18-V lithium-ion batteries, including the new ProCORE18V range, are interchangeable with a wide selection of Bosch Professional power tools. The system reportedly offers extended runtime and service life, as well as a fast-charging technology.

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