Acucote recently announced that it has been awarded two honors for its safety program. The North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) presented the company with a Gold Award at its annual awards ceremony. To qualify for any of NCDOL’s annual safety awards, a firm reportedly must have zero fatalities during the calendar year and have maintained a safety incidence rate of at least 50% below the average for its industry group. The Gold Award is reportedly based on days away from work, restricted activity, or job transfers as a result of injuries. This is the first time that Acucote has received this highest accolade from NCDOL; it recognizes the company’s reported industry-leading incidence rate of .71.

In addition, A WorkSafe Award was presented to Acucote by its workers’ compensation insurance carrier, HUB International SE and Accident Fund Insurance Co. This award reportedly acknowledges “Continuous Safety Improvement from 2015-2019.”  

“We’re very proud of the awards as they acknowledge the hard work our team has committed to building a sustainable safety program at our facility,” said John Leath, CEO. “But far more important than the awards is the fact that our employees are going home safe and sound each day to their family and friends. We all lose when someone is hurt on the job.”

Amy Trent, Safety manager, has been with Acucote for two years. The company reports that she conducts weekly safety briefings for all plant employees and has developed processes that encourage proactive reporting of safety concerns.

“The credit for these awards goes to our Safety Team and the entire Acucote work force due to their efforts to help take care of one another,” said Leath. “We have built a culture of trust, awareness and buy-in which enables us to better serve our employees, our customers and the industry.” 

Acucote is a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating manufacturer with a 100,000-sq-ft plant and 125 employees in Graham, N.C. For more information, visit