IGM Resins reports that it is increasing its focus on growing its Energy Curing Resins business. As previously announced, a team under the leadership of Rijoy Putatunda, vice president, and Dian Chen, global business director, has been tasked with growing the Energy Curing Resins business significantly over the coming years. According to IGM, organization growth will comprise commercial and technical product management, operational excellence, and strategic partnerships. IGM is also strengthening its operations through investments in process engineering, supply chain, and sourcing functions.

According to Putatunda, the U.S. is a net importer of energy-curing acrylates. The company reports that it has a three-phased approach. First, it will build a base load for the plant in Charlotte, N.C., to create scale. In the second phase, IGM is focusing on specific market segments by developing and investing in R&D and applications capabilities on a global level. The focus will be on applications-driven R&D on molecules and formulations based on energy-curing resins, photo initiators, and additives through innovative technology-based solutions. In phase three, the company will reportedly be looking to increase the size of the global market by focusing on further penetration of UV-EB technology in large applications where conventional technologies (like solvents) are still mainstream.

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