A new tamper-evident security concept for luer-lock syringes has been developed by Schreiner MediPharm. According to the company, its Cap-Lock solution features the combination of a cap adapter and a label that firmly seals prefilled syringes and reliably indicates any first opening. This ensures the integrity of the primary container and prevents any undetected opening of the cap.

Cap-Lock is a specially constructed plastic cap adapter that is precisely placed on top of the primary closure of the syringe to equalize the diameter differences of the syringe body and closure. Subsequently, a label with an integrated perforation for tamper evidence is applied that wraps around the syringe body and the bottom part of the cap adapter. When a user opens the syringe cap, the label is partially destroyed, thus clearly and irreversibly indicating that the cap has been opened. This enables the user to quickly and easily tell if the medicine has been tampered with, helping to protect patients against the administration of potentially counterfeit substances.

Schreiner MediPharm reports that Cap-Lock can be applied to the syringe in the conventional production process. No heat is applied, so this solution is also suitable for sensitive substances. The label can be provided with additional functionalities such as counterfeit-proof features, detachable documentation labels, or light protection. Both the label and adapter can be customized in terms of color and design. Due to the combination of the adapter with the primary closure of the syringe, no additional waste is generated because both parts are firmly connected to each other.

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