Nouryon and U.S.-based startup Forge Nano have agreed to explore a joint collaboration in ultra-thin coatings for high-growth applications such as batteries and catalysts. The technology, called atomic layer deposition (ALD), reportedly also has the potential to open up new applications.

The companies have complementary activities in ultra-thin coatings. Forge Nano develops precision nano-coating technology, and Nouryon supplies metalorganic building blocks, including trimethylaluminum (TMAL) and diethylzinc (DEZ).

“These building blocks enable ultra-thin coatings to be engineered and assembled one atomic layer at a time onto the surface of materials, enhancing their physical properties without affecting overall functionality, which opens up entirely new frontiers on material performance,” said Paul Lichty, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Forge Nano. “It is now possible to control coating surfaces at the sub-nanoscale level and produce them at a commercial scale.”

According to Steve Hunt, vice president of Business Development at Nouryon, “We are targeting multiple applications in catalysts, batteries and other markets through this agreement. By working closely with partners like Forge Nano, we can use our combined expertise to introduce new solutions to customers across a range of markets.”

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