Brenntag recently announced that it will become the primary distributor for Arkema Inc. waterborne resins in Canada. The expansion of this distribution agreement will follow a similar transition to the launch of the initial agreement covering the U.S. in 2019.

The product lines include over 45 waterborne resins that are often used in adhesives, caulks and sealants, construction products, architectural paints, traffic coatings, and industrial coatings applications. The relevant tradenames include:

  • Encor®—acrylic, styrene-acrylic, and vinyl acrylic
  • Celocor®—opaque polymer
  • Neocar®—vinyl versatate
  • Snap®—structured nano-acrylic polymer

“Brenntag’s ability to market, deliver, and support products in industries where technical expertise is required was a defining factor in making this decision,” said Kenny Messer, regional president for Arkema’s coating resins business in North America. “They have the resources and expertise needed to help our customers get the most from their waterborne resin products.”

“We are excited for Brenntag Canada to enter into this relationship and to represent Arkema for this innovative and technically advanced product line in Canada,” said Lars Schneider, president of Brenntag Canada. “This collaboration enables Arkema and Brenntag to provide solutions and additional value to our customers while leveraging our dedicated technical resources.”

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