Berry Global Group, Inc. recently announced the continued expansion of its global Meltex™ meltblown capacity, with the addition of another asset to support growing global face mask demand. This announcement comes as demand for nonwoven materials for personal protective equipment (PPE) surges due to COVID-19.

The new asset is expected to be operational in October 2020 and will be placed in Europe at Berry’s existing production facility in Berlin, Germany; it will incorporate Berry’s patented charging technology post installation. The new line will focus on the production of filter material for FFP2 (N95) and FFP3 (N99) grade filter media.

“We are now beginning to see the localization of varying forms of equipment that produce materials for PPE, as countries and governments look to be able to react with speed to any future outbreaks,” said Cedric Ballay executive vice president and general manager for Europe in Health, Hygiene, and Specialties at Berry. “We continue to provide timely solutions to those looking for assistance fighting the spread of COVID-19.”

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