Officials with Kuraray America, Inc. (KAI) recently announced that the company has launched the Kuraray Foundation of America, Inc. (KFA). A fully independent entity, the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation will support KAI’s employees and their communities in the wake of natural disasters and other significant events, as well as oversee the company’s process of ongoing charitable contributions and sponsorships.

KAI recently contributed $10,000 to KFA, which in turn, donated this amount to various organizations supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. Recipients include the following:

  • Laguna Beach Community Clinic (Laguna Beach, Calif.)
  • The Food Bank of Delaware (Newark, Del.)
  • Forgotten Harvest (Oak Park, Mich.)
  • The State of New York (Albany, N.Y.)
  • The Second Harvest Food Bank (Winston-Salem, N.C.)
  • Fort Mill Care Center (Fort Mill, S.C.)
  • JBAH Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund (Houston, Texas)
  • Houston Food Bank (Houston, Texas)
  • The Gathering (Parkersburg, W.Va.)

Each of these organizations operates in locales where Kuraray employees live and work. Recipients were selected by an internal independent committee appointed by KFA’s board of directors.

“Our hearts go out to those who continue to experience the impact of COVID-19, whether it be on their health or on their livelihood,” said Hitoshi Toyoura, president of KFA. “The Kuraray Foundation of America allows us to more seamlessly do our part to keep communities safe and healthy.”

Beyond providing financial assistance during natural disasters, KFA reportedly plans to focus future general charitable donations in the areas of STEM education; health, safety and the environment; and Japanese cultural initiatives. KAI first proposed the establishment of KFA in November 2018, following the city of Houston’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey. In May 2020, the foundation officially received initial funding to support COVID-19 relief efforts around the country.

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