Meridian Adhesives Group recently announced its acquisition of Albuquerque, N.M.-based E-Chem, which specializes in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and supply of epoxy polymer products for concrete. E-Chem’s products are used in the preservation, rehabilitation, repair, and structural support of concrete surfaces and structures in industries such as transportation authorities, petrochemical processing, renewable energy, non-residential concrete construction, and parking structure rehabilitation.

“We are thrilled to have E-Chem joining the Infrastructure Division of Meridian,” said Daniel Pelton, CEO of Meridian. “We are looking forward to expanding our business more aggressively in the infrastructure market, and I am confident the skilled team at E-Chem will drive value to that endeavor.”

E-Chem was founded in 2012 by James High. The company has reportedly become an industry leader in epoxy bridge deck overlays and high friction surface treatment, boasting the largest collection of acceptances and approvals in this category for the U.S.

“Joining Meridian’s expert technology team is an exciting step for E-Chem,” said High, who serves as president of E-Chem. “Our continuous pattern of growth will be bolstered even further by the group’s extensive distributor network, which is a significant asset in terms of market penetration. This strategic initiative will also provide value in terms of productivity, from additional professional resources to better buying positions, while allowing us to expand our focus on existing product improvements and the development of innovative new products geared toward the rehabilitation of our nation’s aging infrastructure.”

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