Asiga has joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform to provide the additive manufacturing industry with production-grade 3D-printed parts that are both accurate and functional. Working together, the two companies are leveraging their experience in chemistry and 3D-printing technologies to drive the next level in additive manufacturing production.

Asiga was an early innovator in desktop stereolithography, launching the world’s first LED-based DLP 3D printer in 2011. Today, the company continues to focus on a range of process monitoring technologies that control part accuracy and production stability across many industries, including medical and general manufacturing. Asiga’s product line consists of desktop 3D printers, including the MAX series, through to the large-format PRO 4K.

“Asiga’s commitment to provide our customers with a stable and consistent additive manufacturing solution for end-use functional parts is now delivered with optimized compatibility with Henkel materials,” said Graham Turner, Asiga’s director of Global Operations. “To supplement traditional manufacturing processes that require the kind of tough, functional and high temperature materials that are Henkel’s bread and butter. We’re excited to tap into the Loctite portfolio and build solutions that exceed our customer´s expectations.”

“Asiga offers an innovative open platform that is cohesive with many of our materials,” said Sam Bail, head of OEM Partnership, 3D Printing at Henkel. “We also share a common vision of unlocking the promise of additive manufacturing at scale. The industrial sector is ripe for development, and with our combined solution, we are poised to help customers benefit from many of 3D printing’s biggest advantages, including design innovation, customization, speed, and scalability, among others.”

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