Evonik recently announced that it has received the 2020 Ringier Coating Technology Innovation Award for its AEROSIL® fumed silica dispersion VP. Disp. WF7620, a new rheology control dispersion designed specifically for waterborne systems. Waterborne coatings have gained significant recognition globally due to their ecofriendliness. However, one of the big challenges facing waterborne formulations is how to improve the rheology performance of water-based coatings. VP Disp. WF 7620, the newest rheology control dispersion in the Evonik Coatings Additives portfolio, was specifically developed to control the rheological properties of waterborne coatings.

Compared to other traditional thickeners and rheology control agents, Evonik reports that VP. Disp. WF 7620 can be easily used in the water-based formulation and shows excellent rheology performance in water-based coatings, providing an anti-settling effect in pigmented coatings and an anti-sagging effect in various applications. The product is ideally suitable for high-performance waterborne industrial coating applications, such as plastic, metal coatings, and automotive coatings. It’s especially recommended to be used via spray applications.

“Evonik Coating Additives has a strong presence in China and Asia Pacific,” said Wei Yin, vice president and head of Evonik Coating Additives Asia Pacific. “The award-winning product VP Disp. WF 7620 represents Evonik’s continued commitment for the growing coating markets. We will continue to strengthen our coating business and support our customers through investment in research and development and also production capacity and capability expansion.”

For more information, visit www.coating-additives.com. Details regarding the Ringier awards are available at www.ringierevents.com/innovation/coatings.