Acucote recently announced that it has developed and published “Protecting our Planet: Acucote’s Commitment to Sustainability.” The commitment statement details how sustainability has been incorporated throughout Acucote's organization and describes the company’s participation in industry organizations. It delves into product development and provides examples of Acucote’s sourcing of raw material alternatives and current and future development of products that will contribute to goals of reducing, recycling, and reusing or renewing materials.

The commitment statement begins with this paragraph: “Acucote understands our corporate environmental responsibility. From the way we work to the products we offer, we’re committed to being stewards of the environment. We are actively launching and seeking raw material alternatives to build more sustainable product lines. We have joined environmental and regulatory committees to ensure we are up-to-date with our customers’ needs. Internally, we have teams dedicated to ongoing projects designed to reduce Acucote’s environmental footprint.”

Acucote has dedicated a Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) team to further the company’s progress in the sustainable movement. The team is reportedly reviewing 2020 and 2021 projects and will be adding measurements and timeframes to support the Acucote Sustainability Commitment.

“I’m very proud of the progress that Acucote has made working toward a sustainable culture that resonates soundly with our employees, customers and suppliers,” said John Leath, CEO. “It’s important that all companies within the label and packaging industry continue to increase programs that implement processes and develop materials complementary to our global environment. I look forward to continuing this journey and augmenting our portfolio with additional sustainable product offerings in the coming months and years.”

The full statement is available at