Kraton Corp. recently announced the release of its 2020 Sustainability Report, which highlights the company’s progress and approach to driving the integration of sustainability throughout its operations. The report specifically outlines Kraton’s sustainability initiatives for 2020, including sharing progress on its multi-dimensional sustainability strategy, performance vs. critical targets, developing additional relevant sustainability policies, rolling out a Responsible Procurement program to suppliers, and prioritizing and reporting against key sustainable development goals (SDGs).  

“At Kraton, we believe a truly sustainable business recognizes it must meet the changing expectations of its stakeholders—now and in the future,” said Kevin M. Fogarty, president and CEO. “For this reason, we are integrating sustainability as a key element in our enterprise business strategies. We continue to focus on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that advance the circular economy and provide exceptional value to the world.

“Additionally, in this 2020 revision, we recognized that Kraton achieved EcoVadis’ gold-level sustainability rating for its sustainability management system. And in 2021, we are extremely proud to acknowledge Kraton attained EcoVadis’ Platinum level, an incredible accomplishment indicative of the commitment our colleagues around the globe share to advance our sustainable business model.”

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