DriTac Flooring Products, LLC has launched DriTac 8801 CoverGuard, a premium-grade 1.85-mm semi-ridged foam that provides scratch and dent protection for newly installed floors and existing surfaces to prevent damage during and after the installation process. CoverGuard is scored and breathable, allowing sub-surface moisture to pass through. It restricts surface spills and water spots on the top of the film surface, protecting surfaces from stains, oils, and chemicals.

CoverGuard protects concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, LVT, WPC, countertops, furniture, and most other floor types. The floor protection material combines 1 mm of grooved foam technology fused together with a smooth-surface film layer. According to DriTac, this adds to the gauge thickness and layer of defense for all surfaces, including a high resistance to tears and punctures. CoverGuard is designed to remain flush to the floor to help prevent the risk of tripping or falling on the floor.

CoverGuard is VOC compliant, reusable, and can be installed in four steps: clean, roll, connect, and tape. It is available in 800-sq-ft rolls.

For more information, visit www.dritac.com.