Mactac® recently announced its role as a leading member in the newly founded Circular Economy for Labels (CELAB) global consortium, which promotes recycling in the self-adhesive label industry. CELAB is an industry initiative comprising more than 30 companies in the self-adhesive label industry to create greater circularity for industry products by enhancing and promoting matrix and release liner recycling around the world. Mactac’s parent company, LINTEC, is a member of the CELAB-Europe regional branch. 
Mactac’s Kevin Clunie, Sales and Marketing director for the Performance Adhesives Group, leads the coalition’s Recycler Network Workstream. The workstream is one of several that will drive change by identifying and creating better access to a hierarchy of recycling options for customers in the pressure-sensitive label industry. With 25 years of global marketing and product management experience in the North American and European adhesives and plastics markets and more, Clunie represents the North America regional branch of CELAB and will be driving the coalition’s effort to promote the use and creation of recycling networks and solutions. 
“This coalition is designed to create a powerful, positive impact on environmental sustainability in the self-adhesive label industry on a global level,” Clunie said. “Reaching across the entire value chain, we will provide education, encourage adoption of best practices, and work to develop cost-effective solutions that collectively advance label recycling for all, including label printers and end-users.”
According to Paul Nathanson, a senior principal at Bracewell LLP and spokesperson for CELAB, “The moment has arrived to create a globally focused platform for recycling solutions. Brands are eager to communicate their commitment to sustainability in response to consumer demands to reduce their carbon footprint. With increased recycling capability gradually emerging from suppliers, producers, waste management, chemical recyclers, and others, we see a tremendous opportunity to facilitate collaboration with partners up and down our industry’s value chain.”

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