Mallard Creek Polymers, LLC (MCP) has developed Rovene® 6592, an alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)-free emulsion polymer for pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications. Rovene 6592 is reportedly a well-balanced, cross-functional, low-Tg acrylic adhesive base with excellent peel/loop tack and shear balance with moderate but repeatable increase in peel over a 24-hr interval.

According to the company, Rovene 6592 offers excellent film clarity and improved latex properties for thin film coating applications. The mechanical stability allows the product to be formulated for use in adhesives applications such as labels, thin packaging, lamination, and a variety of construction adhesives.

While Rovene 6592 is conventional solids level, MCP has introduced Rovene 6001 and 6502 as high-solids PSA products. The company reports that it is working to continue increasing the solids of the PSA products in its portfolio. 

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